Mangala Spa has been designed as a tranquil retreat with a comprehensive and enticing wellness concept programme. Please call 5 to make a booking.

Body Massages:-

The Spa Signature Massage - 60 mins
Designed to combine a body moisturizing treatment and massage by one application. Guest will enjoy the cosy feeling of the candle nut scrub apply on your body using Balinese long strokes and thumb pressure massage technique. This treatment offers deep massage relaxing effect, moisturizes and cleanses your skin.

Malay Massage - 60 mins / 90 mins
Select from our four specially blended aromatherapy oil, this massage uses long kneading strokes that focus on the muscle and pressure is applied to various points on the body. Good for removing 'wind' from the body. Asians believe these to be gaseous toxins that cause bloating and discomfort.

Warm Stone Massage - 90 mins
Hand-picked century rocks, warmed to a certain temperature, placed on part of the body points and glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. This body therapy is designed to relieve stiffness and restore energy and balance.

Tension Relief Massage - 30 mins / 60 mins
Designed for those that spend lots of time in front of computer or behind the steer. Focuses on the neck, shoulders and back areas, loosens and relaxes those tense muscles due to daily stress. Tuina technique applied to ease any muscle stress resulting from strenuous exercise or repetitive activities.

Foot Massage - 30 mins / 60 mins
Based on ancient therapeutic principles of reflexology, this foot massage will help to release toxins and restore body's energy flow.

Body Treatment:-

Body Scrubs - 50 mins

Green Tea & Pandanous body exfoliation
A synergistic blend of the selected green tea, black gelatin rice, pandanous and soya powder. Specially design for those who care about skin beauty. It is also known as one of the best anti-oxidant treatment. It gives a deep exfoliation, tones up the skin and beautifies the body and brings a new sense of balance and harmony to the mind.

Royal Javanese Lulur
Made from rice powder, white turmeric and cinnamon, this well known Javanese Royal Court beauty ritual will soften, refine and rejuvenate the skin. Turmeric is believed to be antiseptic and anti-aging. The ritual will conclude with moisturizing of the skin with fermented milk.

Mococa Scrub
Designed for dry skin, this moisturizing yet softening body exfoliation is rich with skin nutrition. It also encourages growth of new skin cells and leaves your skin shining and glowing. It is very gentle and mild, recommended for all skin type.

Himalayan Ginger Salt Glow
This deeply exfoliating treatment blends mineral rich salt with rose water. Applied using small circular strokes, it removes dead skin cells, improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins and moisturizes the skin.

Body Wraps - 50 mins

Seven Spices Wrap (Balinese Boreh)
Designed to heal the body and bring a new sense of comfort. This Seven Herbs warm wrap concocted with a blend of local herbs and spices brings effective relief to cold, headaches and muscle aches. It is suitable during cold weather and rainy seasons. The warm body will be cooled down with special cucumber conditioner.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
One of the most beneficial body wrap, it helps to remove toxin and promotes relaxation. It reduces cellulite and firms up your skin. You will feel a smoother soft skin after just one treatment.

Tirta Dewi Facial:-

Refresh and Rejuvenate Facial - 60 mins
Our rich enzymes and mineral signature facial that is prepared using sea mineral and aloe vera with a touch of essential oil blend. It helps to peel the dead skin away and encourages the renewal of new cells. It is available for all skin types.

Skin Repair Treatment - 90 mins
Specially designed for skin that has lost or lacks Elasticity and looking tired. Encourages the growth of new cell and nourished the skin.

Manicure & Pedicure:-

• Basic grooming and polish (40 mins) • Spa Manicure: scrubs and wrap (60 mins) • Spa French Manicure(60 mins)

• Basic Pedicure (50 mins) • Spa Pedicure : scrubs and wrap (60 mins)

Baths - 30 mins
• Herbal Bath • Flower Bath • Milk Bath • Himalayan Crystal Bath

Spa Packages:-

Telaga Rama - 90 mins
An aromatherapy footbath ceremony followed by a 20 minutes herbal bath and concludes with a choice of traditional massage or refresh and rejuvenate facial.

Kidung Kasih - 90 mins
Pamper yourself with our most relaxing aromatherapy traditional massage followed by a refresher facial. Detailed cleansing massaging on the face ended by face mask to tighten and prevent wrinkles.

Irama Syurga - 120 mins
Designed to purify your inner and outer self. Your selection of exfoliating body scrub is performed after a foot bath, and pampering continues with a warm romantic flower bath and the experience concludes with a totally relaxing body massage.

Taman Kasih - 150 mins
Immerse yourself in a total spa experience with this beautifully arranged series of treatments. Begin your journey with a deep cleansing body scrub followed by a warm rejuvenating aromatherapy floral or herbal bath. Next, enjoy the relaxing Traditional Massage and conclude with a refreshing facial.

Tasik Spa Luxury - 240 mins
The ultimate spa experience created for total pampering. Enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable experience that begins with a feet pampering ceremony, followed by body exfoliation. Then, indulge in a warm herbal bath. Your pampering continues with a choice of warm Jade Massage or 90 minutes Balinese Massage that leaves you with a deep sense of contentment. You will be treated thereafter to the optimal Aloe Vera facial using state of the art skincare from Biokos once you are ready. The relaxation journey will be completed with a detoxifying freshly prepared fruit juice.


Is it necessary for me to make a reservation?
Yes, you may phone or visit the spa for your treatment reservation at your earliest convenience to avoid any disappointment. If you are an in house guest, please dial 5 between 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

How early should I arrive?
Guests are recommended to arrive 15 minutes before their treatments to check in and relax. Guests who arrive late will limit the time for their treatments, thus lessening their effectiveness and pleasure. Your treatment will have to end on time in order that the next guest is not delayed.

What if I have a health concern?
We would appreciate if you could notify our reception or manager on duty before reservation is made. If you have any concerns on high blood pressure, allergies, or other physical illness/disabilities, it is important that you let us know.

Can I enjoy a spa treatment if I am pregnant?
Our spa manager/receptionist on duty will advise you on the treatments that are safe to enjoy during pregnancy.

What do I wear during treatment?
We will provide you with hygienic disposable briefs, however, should you prefer to wear your own bikini/brief, you are welcomed to. During treatment, our therapist will perform draping techniques to ensure your privacy.

What about my valuables?
We suggest that you leave your valuables in the resort safe for peace of mind to enjoy your treatments as we cannot be held liable for any loss.

Can I cancel my reservations?
The treatment you select is reserved especially for you. Should you wish to cancel them, please notify us minimum of 6 hours prior to the appointment to avoid a 50 % cancellation fee.

What are others important points I should consider?
A tranquil, relaxed and quiet atmosphere adds to a spa's ambience. We would appreciate if you keep your voice down and turn off all cellular phones and pagers. While we respect your need to smoke, we regret to inform you that the spa is a smoke free zone.

What mode of payment can I use?
In house Guests may charge their spa services to their hotel bills. However, we also accept cash and all major credit cards.